Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jasmine Updates

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jasmine Updates :)

Hi everyone, I just wanted to first of all thank all my fans who have been creating the fan site pages, the videos, the drawing/banners. They are amazing thanks so much for your support. I'm still in the Philippines. I came out here for Manny Pacquiaos Birthday Party which I got to perform a song for Manny. It was so much fun. I'm also going to be performing for his victory party next week. Right before the Philippines I was in ATL recording with amazing producer Bryan Michael Cox and we made some great new songs. I also had a big birthday party in LA where a lot of my friends and family came. I had a chance to record a video with the amazing piano player David Sides. If you don't know him just youtube his name. My American camera crew and my manager is here recording everything I do in the Philippines. So please keep tuning in because I will have videos of all the things I have done before I left for the Philippines and my life here. Thanks again everyone I love my fans so much and without your love and motivation I don't know where I would be!!!

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  1. You are SO awesome since you've been singing since you were 11!! Please call.